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Guide To Tire Removal

You will be surprised as to how hard it is to get rid of old tires. Most trash collectors refuse to take tires with them as it is a request that comes to them frequently, and it isn’t exactly easy for them to dispose of them. However, no matter how difficult it, may be it would help if you still had a way to get rid of the old tires, so here is a guide as to how you can. So get started because you wouldn’t want to wait any longer than you already have and had the junk sitting there collecting dust.

There are simple ways to make the old tires useful and have the tires function as part of a space instead of just taking up space. Before dealing with the tires, make sure you have taken safety precautions and deal with the tire junk safely. Now, these might take some energy and a good amount of effort, but these methods will prove to be helpful.

DIY a tire swing

The easiest and least effort-requiring project to do with your tire is to make it into a tire swing. Who doesn’t like swings and especially if it helps in reducing the junk around the house? And no, it’s not just for children; anyone can swing on it as long as you make sure it can bear the weight. All you have to do is tie one end of the rope to the tire and the other end to the tree. Make sure the knots are tight enough not to budge, and the tire is secured and balanced when seated upon.

Tire Garden

You can make something environmentally friendly out of something that is next to nothing. Using tires won’t just help you get creatively rid of them, but it will also make your garden appear aesthetic. Fill a tire with soil and plant whatever you wish within it. Since tires have the capability to retain heat, it promotes healthy growth they are commonly used to grow potatoes. You can even color your tire from the outside or cover it with yarn to make it seem more fitting into the place however you wish to.

Rubble mulch to the rescue

Now this one might have you break a sweat or two, but it also evidently has more benefits attached to it, and it makes the material of the tire to be at its most useful after being in the junk. For example, once assembled, this material is commonly used to make mats for gyms and playgrounds as it provides a soft ground cover. In addition, this rubber mulch can replace your usual wood mulch and prove to be more environmentally friendly. So rent an industrial-strength shredder and get to recycling but make sure to rinse and clean your tires properly of all types of metals and dirt before you get started.

Jedi Junk removal can do the work.

If you just want the tires out and don’t have space to reuse or recycle them, then all you have to do is get Jedi Junk removal to get the job done for you. They will haul your tires out for you and deal with them appropriately.


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