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Seasonal De-cluttering

With changing seasons, we form and change our habits accordingly. As humans, we change our routines and activities according to the weather outside. So safe to say the best time for de-cluttering and cleaning is when the seasons are changing. Wouldn’t you love a space that is adapted according to the weather that is coming? This de-cluttering process should be on top of your list all year long. It’s a great time to get rid of the things you don’t want anymore or store away items you will not want or need for a while.

What should you get rid of right now?

Here are some tips to help you get started on what you should remove with the seasonal change.

Clothes and shoes

Your wardrobe probably has an incredible amount of items that have seen their last season and days, so instead of waiting till next year until you can get rid of them and get new things, why not throw them out right now? And make space for all the changing seasonal sales. People often don’t wear clothes that are out of style or outdated, so if you are one of those people might as well throw them out right now or sell them off as second hand instead of letting them collect dust all year long not to wear it when the time finally comes of taking it out. Likewise, the clothes you want to keep but don’t need for the next year should be packed and stored away instead of taking up space in your wardrobe. Make your closet and drawer space functional by keeping articles you will be using in the near future.


All year round, some events and celebrations require a different arrangement of decorations which means you only use a particular type of decorations once a year. SO pile them up and store them away in labeled boxes and take them out only when that time of the year comes again. And if they have worn out or fused or been used more than they were meant to, throw them out for recycling.

Old gear

The gear that needs fixing or no longer works needs to be thrown out to give you more space. If you are eventually going to buy new equipment such as a snowboard or a camp, you might as well throw the old ones out already.


If you have kids or even furries, you probably have a pile of stuffed animals and toys lying around. Now is an excellent time to clean them out as well. Throw the ones that are worn out for recycling, donate the ones in good condition that aren’t in use anymore to make someone else’s time of the year, and give them ones you’ll be keeping a thorough wash to get a feel of new toys.


The books are always there. If you love to read, then you probably have made a collection of books by now, be it from reading it early in the morning on a beach day or late at night in your warm bed on a cold night. You don’t have to throw them out when they can easily be recycled or donated.

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