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Things You Need to Know About Moving Your Furniture

Has the motivation of rearranging your room hit you again in the middle of the night? Don’t let that spark go but don’t jump right into it either. Here are a few things that you should avoid when you get to change your dream space to reality.

Plan first

Yes, the excitement to create something new out of the space might be tempting, but it’s always good to know what you’re getting yourself into beforehand. If you dive in without a plan, you will soon enough find yourself in the middle of a mess without a clue as to what to do next. Make sure you do a supply run before getting started because, let’s be honest, once the tempo of the work breaks, it’s hard to hop back on that train.

Break it apart

If the items you are trying to move around are too big to move all on your own and you can’t find someone to help you, then break them apart. Yes, most of the furniture or big bulky items that you own can be opened and separated into parts. Just don’t forget to look up how it’s done, or you’ll end up with wobbly furniture. The best way to do this is by attaching the pieces in the reverse order of how you detached them. The last piece you detached needs to be attached first—lookup for an instruction manual before pulling the piece apart to make it easier for yourself.

Be cautious of the edges.

When you move your furniture, make sure you don’t scrape any other surfaces while doing so. If the edges nudge into the walls, it’s the wall that would need the fixing next. The trick here is to cover the edge with something soft to provide a cushion, such as a blanket or a towel. Also, make sure to tape any of the surfaces and openings so they don’t open mid-shift and cause havoc.

Wheel it

There are wheels available at different stores that you can use to move your furniture. This little investment is better than dragging the furniture around and ruining the flooring. The wheels are simple to use. You lift the edges one by one, place the wheels, and once you are done with all the corners, wheel it wherever you want to

Posture matters

While lifting anything heavier, especially for longer than just a moment, you must have a proper posture. For example, instead of bending over to pick the items up, bend your knees and pick the piece of furniture up above your elbow level, and don’t forget to keep your back straight. You will be saving yourself from a ton of back pain by using this technique.

Be careful with the glass.

Often, people forget that glass is fragile since they are used to it being sturdy on furniture pieces. Make sure you detach all sorts of such fragile material before you start pushing things around. If it can’t be detached, make sure you have it covered and wrapped tightly enough to provide a cushion.

Hauling service

Jedi junk removal also provides a service at different costs to help you with moving your stuff. While you’re at it, you can also have any unwanted furniture or junk removed for you most efficiently.


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