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Attic Cleaning And Preventive Measures

The attic is one place in your house that isn’t as easy as other spaces to cleanout. So before you get in the spirit of cleaning your attic out, be sure to follow the following tips and tricks that will help you stay on top of your safety game.

Protection gear

No matter how clean or settled the attic may look, it has particles floating around that can cause irritation and other breathing issues. Be sure to put on gloves for any rough or sharp edges or chipped wood, masks to ensure you are not breathing in any foreign particles, and protective glasses, so you don’t end up with teary and irritated eyes.

Weather update

Attics don’t usually have any heating or cooling system; it sits right on top of your house and is the part of the house that is exposed the most to the weather. It makes them sensitive to temperature, and you wouldn’t want to be up there when it gets scalding and stuffy since it is a safety hazard. Make a plan and schedule it according to the weather so you can get the most done without risking your health in any way.

Steady steps

Well, since the attic is a space that is rarely visited, you can never be sure of what the flooring is like and if it is even sturdy enough t hold a person up. So, unless you have had your fair share of time spent up there and have had the floorings furnished, you need to make sure you don’t stop anywhere that isn’t a hardwood board or a sturdy place to step. And be very careful not to step on any insulation which appears foam-like as you will fall straight through the flooring and into the lower level.

Get help

It is difficult enough to go up there and to stabilize your balance. It would be even harder to move stuff around, especially the bulky or heavy items all on your own. So ask around if you can get someones’ help, or you can call a helper by profession to assist you with your tasks.

Moving things

When you come to the point of moving things from or to the attic, make sure your ladder is steady and can carry your weight along with the weight of your items. Always make sure to face the ladder as it helps keep your weight close to the ladder, allowing a better balance and a low chance of falls. You don’t have to carry it out at once; break or distribute things into smaller options, so it is easier and lighter to carry. For example, if a box is too heavy to carry, take its contents out until it is appropriate and take it down in shifts.

Limit your time

Ensure that you don’t stay up in the attic for too long as the health risks of being in closed-up spaces such as attics are high. So go up there with a goal and don’t get distracted. Just get what you need and get out of there.

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