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Fun Ways To Recycle Paper At Home

We've all got a lot of trash paper lying around in our homes, ranging from old school assignment papers to work-related papers – just a lot of paper we no longer need. Constantly throwing away so much paper can eventually make us feel a little guilty for contributing to so much waste. We've got the perfect solution to rid you of that guilt and feel good by recycling all the old paper.

Fun Crafts To Do With Friends Or Your Kids

A special kind of art is done using just a simple piece of paper called Origami. It is the art of paper folding, native to Japanese culture. There are many creative things that one can make with it, such as a paper swan! All you need for this is a square piece of paper and a simple google search for how to make a paper swan. And there you go; you can make tons of things with all that paper and even gift some to your friends!

Make Your Recycled Paper

You've got a lot of paper, but you can't use it for any writing, can you? This interesting and enjoyable process of recycling that paper will give you a great solution to that problem!

Crush all that extra paper in an old blender, along with water until it becomes a paste. Then take a big container, fill it with water halfway, mix in a hand full of that paste, and use an old frame with a net attached to it to pick up the paper residue from the water. Let all the water sieve out, and you're left with a flat layer of the blended paper. Flop that on a towel and let dry. And voila! A few hours later and you'll have a perfectly new, handmade piece of paper. Make it even more, fun n special by adding color to your mixture to make colored paper. Perfect for gift giving!

Make Festive Decorations Out Of Paper

Just like making your paper, you can make many different kinds of handmade decoration pieces with paper to make your holidays extra special by adding your touch to the decorations.

Origami is one way to make decorations too, but did you know you can turn your paper a bit like clay and shape it how you like? Soak lots of paper in a small container for an hour or so, then drain the water completely and start pressing all the paper together and form a shape. A tiny Santa would be cute to make! Then, spray it with a good varnish to maintain the shape and paint it.

Jedi Junk To The Rescue

If you've still got paper left after all that, then Jedi Junk is the one for you to turn to. They'll accept all kinds of paper and recycle it for you. So never feel the guilt of having to throw all that paper away as junk because Jedi Junk will always accept all kinds of waste to take over that responsibility for you.


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