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Our Guide on How to Make Donations

We don’t always have the heart to throw some of the items we don’t need in the trash and opt to donate them. However, there are rules to donating things, especially since they have been in someone’s ownership for a while. Things that you can and should donate if you are getting rid of things from your belongings differ from the trash. Here’s a guide on how to go about donations.


You can recycle a single piece of cloth in multiple ways depending on the type of cloth and its condition. For example, if it’s in good condition and gently used, it can go into the donation pile. Any cloth that has thinned out or is worn out should end up in the trash as it is no good to anyone. Any item that is a little ragged can be repurposed into new clothing at recycling centres with the good part of the cloth or can even be turned into rags for cleaning. You can opt for either of the options by handling the bad pieces on your own and dropping the good conditioned pieces to any donation centre. You can also find a cloth recycling centre and have them handle it accordingly.


Let it be coursebooks or novels; all of them deserve to be used by other people. So instead of letting all the useful pages filled with knowledge go in the landfill, take them to organizations around you, or you can even drop them off at your local library. This will not only help you clear up space on your shelves, but they will also be somewhere where they are appreciated.


If you have children, then there is a high chance you have a pile of toys in a corner somewhere in your space, and it never stops growing. You can donate them to organizations or even take them to any orphanage around you and hand them yourself to get the most of the experience. But before you go about it, be sure that the toys you plan on donating are functional and are in good condition that has been gently used. Be sure to remove any toys that are broken, chipped, missing parts or have choking hazards from the pile and put them away for recycling.

Kitchen items

All sorts of kitchen items and supplies are welcomed and appreciated by many organizations as it is not often that people take their kitchen items out when they are in a good functioning condition. The only rule here is that don’t give any kitchen item away from that you wouldn’t use for yourself.

Sealed and canned food

Any food that isn’t expired and is non-perishable is accepted at all food organizations, so next time instead of throwing such items away just because you don’t need them, try donating it.

What else can you donate?

Any of the following items that are in a good and hygienic condition are accepted by organizations and centres specifically made for donations. The list goes on like Mattresses, tools, furniture, appliances and things of such sort.

What you shouldn’t donate

Any used hygiene products, personal care items and opened food packaging do not belong in the donation pile.

Jedi junk removal will deal with the rest.

All the items that you can’t donate can be taken away easily by Jedi Junk removal and will be dealt with accordingly and in an efficient manner.


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