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Desk Cleaning

The sudden urge to clean your desk out for it to be in a state where you can be at your highest productivity can be exciting. So go ahead and get started with these tips before you lose that energy and get distracted in doing something else. With these tips, you can clean out and organize all types of working and studying spaces and desks.

Get the junk out

Everything that is no longer needed or too old to be appropriately used needs to be moved. As much as you would like a space that is organized messily, there is no denying that you need to have access to the surface that you can work on. Anything thing that is taking up too much space on your desk needs to move. Start by cleaning the desk out and putting everything out. Then, make sure to give your desk a good scrub down to clean it out properly.

Sort the materials

You can use a simple piling method or mark with a color code into three categories: Keep, recycle, and trash. While doing this, make sure to put the things right away instead of jumping back on your desk. Anything that needs to be thrown out needs to be taken care of, and everything that you can recycle should reach the recycling center right away. This method of quickly moving things to their appropriate places will ensure that you don’t end up putting all of the stuff back on the desk.


The paperwork section needs a thorough and proper read as you wouldn’t want to end up throwing anything significantly important. All the essential things should be filed and labeled right away, so you don’t misplace them. And to deal with the paper that needs to be recycled, you can shred it on your own, just rent a paper shredder, or if there isn’t that big of a pile of paper, then taking them to a paper recycling center would prove to be a much cheaper option.

Handling electronics

Now the electronics that aren’t of your use any more need to be dealt with responsibly as they can’t just be thrown in a trash can to get rid of. Devices contain chemicals and have flammatory characteristics, which can be hazardous. These can be harmful to the environment in every possible way, so keep in mind they need to be put away responsibly. Here’s what you can do: Search for places around you that recycle old electronics or look for any electronic shop that will take these off your hands for free and will deal with them appropriately.

Organize and decorate

Now that you have your desk cleaned out, you will have to maintain organization in the space to keep your productivity at its highest. You can use dividers for drawers and storage bins for open spaces to help you stay organized. Don’t forget to keep your desk space clutter-free. While you’re at it, maybe even give your desk a little do-over: paint it, add a shelve or two, or maybe switch the chair out. This little do-over will give your desk space an aesthetic look and help increase the productivity of your work.

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