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Does Your Garage Need Organization?

The garage is one space of the house that you spend the least amount of time in, but it is a space you end up frequently visiting. Well, if you have made your mind up to clean your garage out, then let these following tricks help you along the way.

Supply run

Before you dive in and get started on the big project, plan what you have to do and how you will tackle the things in there. Now, envision what you want the space to look like and what tools and supplies you would need to achieve that. No one likes to stop midway from going and grabbing a broom, so getting your supplies ready beforehand. This trick will help you save your time as you can spend more time being on-site and working your way through the things that live in that space.

Get to cleaning

The thought of having your things organized must be exhilarating to you, but you can’t jump to that until you are done cleaning your space.

Clean slate

You can’t go about and start moving your things around with other stuff already occupying the space. So make your work easy and efficient by moving everything from within there to open space. This way, you will not only have a space to work with, but you will also get an idea as to what things you will be dealing with.

Deep clean

It must be rare that you have your garage completely bare, so make the most out of it while you still can. Clean out all the corners, sweep and mop the floors and sanitize all the surfaces. Also, be sure to clean the walls and the ceiling. Maybe even add a little splash of color to the walls to help brighten the space up. A little tip: Light colors make your space appear bigger and roomy.


Now, this is the part where you get the actual work done, which will help you stay organized for a long time.


All the stuff you pulled out isn’t meant to go back in, not all of it anyway. You can start by separating your stuff into different piles, or you can use a color-coding system that will save you time moving things around. Here are some basic categories to get you started:

Keep: This pile will have all the stuff you have to keep or can’t throw out.

Donate: The items that are in good condition but are of no use to you go in this section

Trash: Anything that is beyond the point of using or doesn’t function belongs in this pile.

Recycle: There are plenty of things that you can recycle, so do the environment a favor and make a pile for things such as scrap metals and glass bottles separately.


Take a good look at what items you have to keep and plan a storage system accordingly. You can use shelves and storage bins with labels to help you stay organized.

Junk Removal

Once you have your garage cleaned, you would also want to keep the outside neat and proper. Now, this is where Jedi Junk removal proves to be useful. This service allows you to sit back and relax while the junk and waste from all the cleaning you did is taken care of in an efficient manner.


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