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Fun Crafts With Your Kids With Only Recycled Items

Create Wreaths Using Natural Materials

Go on a stroll with your children and have them collect fascinating things they find there. Next, braid together old t-shirt strips and form a circle to produce wreath shapes. Then, using a transparent fishing line or hot glue, attach natural things to the crevices. Finally, to hang your wreath, tie a ribbon around the top.

Construct A Hotel For Bugs

Make a comfy hiding place for all of the scurrying creatures. After cutting it into two cylinders, stir a two-liter plastic bottle with branches, pine cones, bark, or any other natural material. The organic substance should be securely packed. Then, using a piece of twine or yarn, tie your insect hotel to a limb or a fence.

Make A Quilt

Over 16 million tons of textiles are disposed of each year at municipal solid waste facilities. Make a quilt with your children to show them how to recycle waste material instead of throwing it in the trash.

Design Earth Moss Balls

On Earth Day, make some soft moss balls to honor our wonderful planet. This project is perfect for children who enjoy getting their hands messy. To make an Earth-shaped sphere, roll a ball of presoaked sphagnum moss in blue yarn or discarded t-shirt strips, then add additional moss and yarn until the orb is round. Finish with a yarn loop and display in a bright window. Spray water on your moss ball every week to maintain it healthy.

Create A Hanging Garden

In this initiative that promotes green living and the use of the green thumb, large plastic bottles are transformed into lovely hanging planters. This is a fantastic method for creating a beautiful hanging garden.

Teach Your Kids How To Organize, Using Tin Cans

Organizing supplies with tin cans is simple if you have access to tin cans. Encourage your children to participate by letting them help you decorate the trash cans. They'll be proud of themselves for this, and it should motivate them to maintain their supplies in a more organized manner in the future.

Reinvent Games On Your Own

Tic-tac-toe may be played using bottle caps. They may be made into checkers by converting them into a different shape. Makerspaces would benefit greatly from this activity. Give your children a few upcycled things and ask them to come up with some games with them!

Build Beautiful Terrariums

As well as serving as an eye-catching terrarium, recycled containers can also serve as an environmental research study site. Plastic bottle terrariums will flourish if you include activated charcoal and moss.

Form Flowers With Water Bottles

Water bottle flowers upcycled with paint from your recycling bin are a simple DIY project.

Give A Hoot About These Newspaper Owls

Recycled newspaper owls, created from old newspapers, have a spirit animal all their own. To bring them to life, all you need are some markers, paints, and old pieces of paper.

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