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Guide For Donating The Old Toys

Every once in a while, the family looks at the pile in the corner of their space made of toys and wonders how they can deal with it without throwing it in the trash and watching them go to waste. Well, if you are one of them, here is a list of ways that you can deal with that heap of toys without having to throw them in the trash.

What you cannot donate

If any of the toys you currently have in the donation pile have broken pieces, any sharp edges, missing pieces from it, or holds any choking hazard, it needs to be removed right away. If your kids can’t play with them, then they can’t be donated either to be played with.

What to do before donating

All the toys that you will donate will end up in some kid’s mouth or a play area, so you should make sure that when you put the toys out for donation, you clean them out thoroughly and sanitize them along with packing them in a manner that they don’t get damaged on their way. An additional joy for the kid receiving them will be if they are wrapped up as gifts.

Where to make the toy donations

There are a number of places that you can make the donations at but makes sure wherever you are giving them away at they are well distributed and taken to the audience that is age-appropriate to the batch you are giving out.


Almost all of the shelters are dependent and run on donations, and since food and roof overheads are the main purposes of shelters, it is hard to get any toys for the children. Families with children taking shelter, for the time being, have children that shouldn’t miss out on their chance of having a normal childhood.


There are children, orphans, who spend most of their childhood in orphanages due to a vast amount of reasons, and it’s not always easy for them to get their hands on positive things such as toys that easily. If you make a donation of toys to an orphanage, there is a high chance that they’ll assume that Christmas came early for them.

Online platforms

Online and social platforms may not be the most appropriate place to donate your things, such as toys, but it provides you with a vast audience. All you have to do is let the audience know you are giving away or donating pre-loved toys and the area they can get them from, and you will have responses quickly. This method might even save you time because they can come to pick the toys up on their own, and you won’t have to run around to find appropriate places to donate to.

Jedi Junk removal makes it easy.

You can get yourself a little help from Jedi Junk removal if you don’t want to deal with having to sort out the toys that are junk and that needs to be donated, and they will even take other sorts of junk out for you. You can be assured that anything you ask them to handle will be dealt with efficiently and according to how they need to be treated.


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