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How To Deal With An Old Couch

Tired of the look of your couch, or is it just not holding up anymore? Here is a list of things that you can do to your couch to make it more bearable and functional, so explore your options before making your mind up to throw it out.

Deep Clean

There is a high chance that the only reason you don’t like your couch too much right now to the point you want to throw it out is that it is filthy. If the couch is in good condition and is comfortable to use but isn’t nice enough to sit on, it needs a deep cleaning. Hire a professional cleaner instead of spending on cleaning materials and gadgets and putting in all the energy you can muster just to get the dirt out barely.


Upholstery is just like redressing your furniture. If your couch is functional and in a good state, you can get it upholstered with a new fabric of your choice. This option allows you to be creative, and you can customize the look of your couch according to your liking. Choose a fabric that you think would go best with the use of your couch and the aesthetics of your space.


If the frame of your couch is sturdy, but the foam of your couch isn’t holding up too well, you can always go for an upcycle. You can change your seats out for new ones and just like that with half your cost you’ll be able to get yourself a new comfortable couch. In addition, some services and stores offer deals for you to give your old couch away and trade it off with a new one with just a small amount of cash.


Customize with what you have got without going out of your budget. You can easily change the look of your couch by draping a couch blanket onto it and adding some throw pillows for a splash of colors. You also have an option to customize your cushions with the fabric of your liking and choice in the size of cushions you are comfortable with cuddling. It is an inexpensive method of making your couch look more appealing, and with just the change of how it looks, you will feel more comfortable in the space.


If your couch is in good condition, but you still want to switch it out, here’s what you can do instead of just throwing it out. Visit your closest shelter or a nursing home and hand the pre-loved couch down to them. It won’t just get the couch out of your space but also into a space where it will be used and valued.

Let Jedi Junk Removal deal with your couch.

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