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How to Deal With Your Old Table

What’s that one space of the house that everyone ends up gathering around? You got it, the dining area. So safe to say that your dining table is the center of your household where you are. Here’s what you can do to your old table if you plan to move a new one into the space. It doesn’t exactly have to end in a pile of trash. Here are some methods you can deal your old table with to stay environmentally friendly.

Fix and refinish

If the reason for you to get that table out is that it’s a little shaky or maybe looking dull, then instead of having to switch the whole table out, you can do some handy work to fix it. Give it a new look by just sanding it down and polish or stain it with something new.


Are you not ready to throw it out just yet? Well, think of some other space that can use a table of that size. You can use a table for more than to eat, so keep the options open of moving it around to a different space within your house where it would be equally as useful.

New purpose

If you can’t reuse the table as itself as a whole, but the wood is sturdy and of good quality, then you have an option of getting something else built from the same table, such as nightstands or study tables, or even a chop block. If your table has glass in it, it can also be used as decorum with some grinding and reshaping.

Sell it off

Suppose that your kitchen table of yours is in a top-notch condition. You can sell it off at a good price on multiple marketplaces and platforms. Make sure to keep your prices considerable as you really won’t be able to make the same price out of it that you spent to purchase it. When the time of getting it, you won’t have to worry about any hauling as you can start beforehand that the buyer has to come and pick the item up on their own.

Make a donation

If you aren’t that worried about making some cash back on the table, then going on a search for donation centers and give your table away. You would be at rest knowing that your preloved table has reached someone who needed it and would appreciate the item. It will bring you joy knowing that it didn’t just end up in a wasteland.


You can recycle most of the material on your dining table, so why not do so? It will be a much more environmentally friendly option than just throwing it in a wasteland. If you sell off the recycled material as raw materials, you might even make some cash out of it. The only downside is that you will have to haul it to the recycling place.

Call Jedi Junk removal for the heavy lifting.

If your table is too bulky or too large for you to deal with, all you have to do is call the Jedi Junk removal team. They will deal with the table along with any junk you have on their own for you.


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