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How to Get Ready for Estate Sales

Estate sales are something that we all want to avoid, but it needs to be dealt with accordingly. Such even often takes place after major events, which alone can be emotionally overwhelming to deal with. Here’s a list of things you can do to prepare yourself for estate sales and how you can reach out for help in such a sensitive matter.

Get some extra hands.

There is nothing shameful about getting help, especially in times where you are having a hard time being emotionally overwhelmed. There are people who specialize in such matters and can be called for help to deal with things or assist you with the items.


You can get the planning done with a bit of push from the estate planner to make things easier for you. The planner will take responsibility for making arrangements of dealing with packing, sending items off, and storing things away. These tasks being taken care of may not seem like much, but it undoubtedly has proven to be helpful for someone coping with the loss of someone. The estate planner will even have you pick out an estate company that is most suitable and will deal with all sorts of processes along with you.


There are many estate sale companies that you can contact to help you with all sorts of moving things around. Companies of such kind have a team with experienced members that help you sell the items off using appropriate methods. They carry out the tasks for you that you, as an ordinary citizen, wouldn’t even know of needs to be done. With their experience, they can sell your items along with managing sales logistics.

List everything down

Be sure to make an inventory starting from all the small things so you can have a list of everything residing within the space. And yes, even the silverware cutlery should be logged on to the list. You can use this method to ensure a thorough inventory and clear what needs to be dealt with right away and what can wait. You will have to make an inventory list of valuable items separately to be dealt with differently. By useful things, it means any of the following sort: Furniture, art pieces, Jewelry, Vehicles, paperwork, and documentation. Categorize your inventory list by the items you want to sell off and the items you want to keep.

Prepare for selling the items.

If you do plan on selling every single item off of the space as most people do. The house that is up for auction is paid a percentage of the house which eventually leads to a good amount of bills saved.

What to do after-sales

There is a high chance that you are still left with a massive pile of stuff that you didn’t or couldn’t sell off. Call Jedi Junk removal to deal with the property left behind to deal with, and you will get service of a complete cleanup.


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