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How To Make Gifting Eco-friendly

We all love giving out gifts and even more receiving them. But isn’t always getting new gifts and throwing the old ones out a waste of resources and a dent in finances? Moreover, the old ones always end up in a landfill, so wouldn’t it be better to cut down on the amount of waste produced in exchange for gifts? Especially if there are ways of exchanging gifts that are eco-friendly and still bring joy. Here are some ideas as to what you can do to make your gift-giving tradition eco-friendly.

Swapping of toys

The toys your kids may have had for a while but don’t bring them joy anymore could be something new to play with for other kids. Suggest and gather people around you together to carry out a toy exchange tradition. This way, the children get something new to play with, all the while being ecofriendly. This means no wastage of gift wrapping papers, controlled wastage and pocket friendly.

Turn jars into gifts.

All the empty and clean jars that you have been piling up can make into a fun little gift for someone. You can add a mix of ingredients in there, add a little tag for instructions and decorate the outside. You can even bake and decorate layers and layers of long-lasting snacks in there with perky decorations on the outside because who doesn’t like receiving homemade snacks and foods? It is sweet in both literal and figurative manner and also eco-friendly.

Upcycled furniture

The items belonging to the furniture category aren’t always easy to get rid of unless recycled, so whenever a new piece is bought, the old one that it replaces has a negative impact on the environment. You can easily get a piece of furniture to recycle at a low price and get it upholstered according to your liking and preference. Just like that, you have a customised and well-thought piece of furniture that you can gift to someone. It’s not just being thoughtful about the gift but also about the environment that would bring you joy when gifting someone.

Quilt and patches

You can easily recycle clothes that are outgrown but have a meaningful history stuck with it to build and stitch a gift for someone you want to keep the attachment of memories with. All you have to do is make a patchwork from the materials, which could either be old clothes or even blankets. This gift is sure to be cosy as well as eco-friendly.

Jedi Junk removal will help you deal with junk.

Do you still want to stay on the green side even after all the eco-friendly gifting and unaccountable work? Get Jedi Junk removal to get the junk you can’t use or recycle on your own to be dealt with in an eco-friendly manner. If it means the junk you removed needs to be donated or if it needs to be recycled, Jedi junk removal will do the work. You can save time and the hassle of running around trying to make something out of your junk.


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