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How To Plan The Removal Of An Old Piano

The biggest joy for a musician comes with playing on their instrument for the first time, and the hardest thing for them to do is letting go of that instrument. Pianists often face a hard time saying farewell to their piano because it's not as easy as putting away your guitar pick. It takes more than just one push to get the job done.

Before you get it out

Before you go ahead and get that piano out from your space, make sure it is representable, so it goes out quicker and easier, and here's how you can make it look more appealing. First, get your piano tweaked by a professional to be in its optimal state and produce soothing music. Then, for the outlook of the piano, you can get it polished to give it a sleek look.

Put it up for sale

There are different ways you can sell your piano, and it's totally up to you as both are equally beneficial and require about the same amount of work.

Social Media

All you have to do is post a picture on any social media platforms where you are connected to people, and any potential buyer would reach out to you. Furthermore, this method allows you to sell it off within your circle, which keeps the possibility of you visiting your instrument available.

Online marketplace

Now you wouldn't want to drag such a big piece of the instrument around in market place. Hence, your best option is to join an online marketplace where you can state your price along with pictures of your piano and have interested buyers contact you directly and negotiate if need be.

Use your network

Ever had someone who admired your instrumental piece? Well, now is the right time to ring them up and call around and let them know that you are planning to let go of that instrument, and they can get their hands on it.

Donate it

There are plenty of places such as schools, nursing homes, shelters, and worship places around you that would be more than willing to take it off your hands for you. Many students who are passionate about music can't afford a piano and often have to leave their dreams because of it; ask around for such students, and you might end up helping someone achieve their lifelong dream. Many charity institutes teach music but can't afford a piano for the students who need it for practice. You'll not only be able to get rid of it, but you'll also be assured that it is passed down to people who are going to appreciate it.

Call Jedi Junk removal.

You will have a hard time removing a piece as big as a piano from your space, so save your energy and possible back pain, and call Jedi Junk removal to help you out with the process. Then, all you have to do is sit back and let the workers handle the rest of it for you.


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