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Is It Possible For Me To Donate This?

Is It Possible For Me To Donate This?

Donating Used Items: A Step-By-Step Guide

If the holiday gift-giving season has left you with extras of some products, you may want to think about getting rid of them. But, instead, what you can give is what we'll be looking at today.



Make three piles while sorting through your closet: what you want to retain, what you can give, and what is too filthy or unclean to pass on. Clothes may be donated to various charities; check around to see if there is a drop-off location near you!


Don't throw away your old books when you're ready to create a place for new ones on your bookshelves. Instead, if you have any used books lying around, consider donating them to your local library or another non-profit organization.


What will you do with your kids' old games and toys now that they've outgrown them or been replaced with new, shiny ones? Donating is an excellent method to keep them out of the garbage while also brightening the day for another child.

Kitchen Appliances

Do you have a new pot and pan set that you received for the holidays? Several organizations will gladly accept your used kitchenware.

Food That Is Not Perishable

Canned goods, long-lasting cereals, and other items are excellent for donating. Check to see if there is a food bank in your region that would accept those cans of green beans that you bought on sale but aren't going to use right away.

It goes without saying that all of these things should be in good working order.

Things That You Can't Donate:

Used personal care products

Open food containers

Items That Can Be Donated

There are, of course, some exceptions to the norm, so make sure to verify with the specific organization before assuming anything:



Stuffed animals




Easiest Solution? Just Call Jedi Junk Removal

We give and recycle 60 to 80 percent of the products we transport. We understand what may and cannot be donated to charitable organizations. There's no need to phone around to see who can take what! When you call us, we'll take all of your unwanted stuff and sort through them for you. To arrange a junk hauling and removal service, call us at 805-367-3092 immediately.