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Organized Garage Cleaning Tips & Tricks

How To Organize And Tidy Your Garage In A Few Simple Steps

Garages may easily be transformed from an automobile storage space to a garbage storage space. Because of this, you must schedule a frequent time to clean up your garage. Here are some hints for cleaning up your garage.

The Scheme

Make three heaps before sorting your stuff. First, sort your stuff into three piles: keep, donate or sell, and discard.

Safety First

Other than the kitchen, the garage is the most likely room in your house to go ablaze. Investing in a UL–listed fire extinguisher and storing it in an easy-to-reach spot might be a good strategy. It should carry an ABC rating. Installing a carbon monoxide detector is a smart idea, too, especially if you park your vehicle in there.

Get Organized

  • Organize your content into sections based on similarity. Gardening tools and mulch, for example, should be kept together and near at hand

  • Park your automobile away from large equipment like lawnmowers and power tools so that you won't hit it

  • Don't put away Christmas decorations and emotional objects where they'll be easily seen. Instead, protect them by storing them in airtight plastic containers

  • To avoid clutter mounds, don't store things on the floor

  • Wall-mounted pegboard and shelf systems are great for storing things that need to be seen

  • Make it a habit to go through your garage and make a list of everything you have stored there. If you want to keep your garage organized, use the three-pile method (keep/donate/sell/throw away)

  • Protect your home and family from bug infestations by using a natural insecticide

Hire A Garage Cleaner

You may be wondering what to deal with the objects after cleaning. Jedi Junk Removal & Demolition's professional team is ready to help you clean up your garage. Call us at 805-367-3092 to arrange a pick-up.


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