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Pack Away Your Halloween Decorations, Responsibly 

We all know how tiring the morning-after the perfect Halloween party can be. And the cleaning makes for the worst part! But don’t let that get in the way of responsibly disposing off party decorations to make way for Christmas decorations. Instead, get your friends and family involved to make a day out of it!

Here are the perfect tips and tricks to pack away your Halloween decorations responsibly:

Start With The Bigger Stuff

The big, spooky skeleton with blood splashed all over it – yeah, let’s get rid of that guy first. Firstly, gather all the big decoration pieces you have around the house in one room – from the plastic pumpkins on the steps outside your front door to that scary skeleton guy, make sure to get them all.

It can be a hassle running out collecting all the pieces, but with some help, you’ll get it done in no time. Once you’ve gathered all the decorations, separate them into groups and decide where in the garage or attic you can fit all the decorations to save them up for next Halloween, always best to recycle!

Cobwebs Can Be A Bit Annoying; So Be Prepared

Cobwebs are a must-have when throwing the perfect Halloween party; but taking them down is a big hassle. All the tangled-up thread may test your patience, we understand. The best way to remove them is to take a thin stick, like a small wooden skewer, and wrap the cobwebs around it by swirling it directly from the middle. You’ll have all those strings wrapped up on the stick in no time! Quick and fun!

Time To Hit The Smaller Decorations

It can be pretty exhausting thinking of all the tiny bits we’ve got lying around the house. Be it the little skull-shaped candles, or the Halloween-themed napkins on your breakfast table, it takes quite some time to find these. And when you think you’ve got them all, one little plastic finger will sneak up on you!

The perfect way, therefore, to store these decorations is to get those big plastic storage containers, as they’ll keep all the decorations protected from dust and any bugs or mites that might be feeling a little too Halloween-y throughout the year.

Jedi Junk Will Get Rid Of The Smaller Bits And Pieces For You

There’s always that extra box of junk that you can’t decide whether you should keep or not. Well, that’s where Jedi Junk will come in to bail you right out. After all, your junk doesn’t belong in the street either. So, instead of feeling frustrated and tripping over all that mess, just call up Jedi Junk and say goodbye to that junk once and for all.

The service prides itself in disposing off junk responsibly and immediately!

So, what are you waiting for – Christmas?


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