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Upcycle Old Bedsheets

Got an old bedsheet you can’t put to use any more? Maybe it got a tear, or the pretty yellow of the bedsheet faded away in your washing machine? Well, there's no need to worry because we've got you covered. But, of course, throwing away the bedsheet may not be a very good idea, as it'll be just a waste of cloth. But we've got some better ideas:

Turn It Into A Dress

Cotton bedsheets can make the perfect sundress for your summer beach party. It might require a little practice, but with the help of a friend, it can also be a fun activity to do together. Search up easy dress templates and grab your old sewing machine and get to making your very own light, summer dress. Don't forget to show it off to your friends!

Make A Tie-Dye Two-Piece Out Of It

With all the guaranteed compliments you'll get on that sundress, an even cooler idea for reusing that bedsheet would be to tie-dye it and make a crazy pattern on it.

The method to dye is simple and easy. Just roll up the bedsheet like a cinnamon roll and hold it tightly together with some rubber bands and go crazy with the fabric dye! So many amazing things can be made with your new patterned piece of cloth, like a two-piece or another dress!

You Can Even Make A Cute Curtain Out Of It

If the dress may be a little too hard to attempt at first, you can do something simpler and use the bedsheet as a new curtain for your living room or bedroom. A tie-dye curtain would look so much cooler and help uplift the mood of the room too!

Perfect To Use For A Picnic At The Park Or Beach

If all the above options are not within the range of your skillset, then not to worry! Because you could have a lovely picnic on a beautiful day at the park instead. The old bedsheet would make for the perfect.

Still Not Sure What To Do With It?

That's okay, too, because you can always let Jedi Junk handle it for you. Instead of throwing it away in the trash, give it over to Jedi Junk, where they can dispose of it off properly, or better, recycle it into a whole other item with zero waste in the process—saving the environment with no hassle of your own!


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