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Why Is Fall the Best Time for Attic Cleanout?

Are you ready to dive into cleaning your attic out? Well, fall is the right time to get started with your to-do list, as you have lined up festivities coming your way right after it. If you have already planned to get started with your attic cleanout, don’t wait and get yourself known for some tricks to help you smoothly get through your cleanout experience.

The best time for attic cleanout is fall.

Why fall, though? Well, it could be spring too as these two times of the year have just the right temperature for you to work. It isn’t too hot to dehydrate you with all the sweating, nor is it too cold to make it hard for you to move your muscles. Attics usually don’t have cooling or heating systems, so there is a high chance that your activities will be controlled by outside weather. Here’s a little insight into why summers and winters aren’t the best types to carry out attic cleaning to help you motivate to get it done as soon as fall hits.

Why not summer?

During summers, recorded temperatures can go up to 150F, which is too high for anyone to put up with for longer than a moment. Not to mention you could suffocate in such heat as attics are usually insulated with open foam-like insulators. It is all because attics are the most exposed part of the house and hence are the most heated up space when exposed to the sun for long periods. And if you just wait for nightfall, it won’t do you any good either as attics aren’t the places with proper electrical wiring, not to mention it can be dangerous to work around in the dark when attic flooring isn’t furnished properly.

Why not winter?

Winters may not be too worst to work in, but the temperatures of the attic are most likely to be the same as outside. You can put on winter gear, but you will barely get enough time up there in short periods to be able to clean it out appropriately, so you might as well wait for the time when you can clean it out thoroughly.

Planning the cleanout

Now that you know when to clean out your attic let’s jump right into the how-to. These tricks and tips will help you with the process.

Every item you take out of your attic should be noted down, so it is easier for you to figure out what needs to be done instead of having to move around over and over again to get a look at the pile of things. Start piling your stuff right away into separate categories, so it is easier to deal with them in piles when the time comes. Start with separating them into keep, recycling, and throw out. Instead of keeping every little thing back in the attic, snap a picture to have it in your digital memories without having to save up on the bulk of old or sentimental artwork.

Jedi Junk removal hauling service

Now that you have all the junk out and ready to be taken out, you can call Jedi Junk removal to visit you, the junk out for you, and deal with it from that point onwards.


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