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Estate Sale Action Plan

Hire a professional to organize and sell your items so you can profit.

It's not uncommon to see estate sales taking place in various contexts. The death of a loved one, a downsizing, a move, or other life crises may necessitate the sale of everything in a home. Companies that organize estate sales have a lot of experience, but their services may be very expensive. Organizing your estate cleaning and sale may be difficult and time-consuming, but the money you save will be worth it. You don't need to pay a professional to handle an estate cleanout and sale. Follow these steps instead.

Get Organized

Check every single thing in your house, including the closets and storage areas. Save just the things you want to save and don't want the public to view, such as personal papers, photographs, and other objects.

Set Prices

Research is critical when determining how much to charge for items at an estate sale. Look out for price standards on the internet or sign up for an online subscription to get an idea of costs before you start shopping. To get the best possible price, you should have valuable artifacts appraised.

Advertise Your Sale

Do some marketing by placing ads in newspapers and online forums, and your social media accounts.

Present Your Items Intelligently

Place your items in the rooms where they will be most beneficial to the family. For example, one should maintain kitchen items in the kitchen. At the same time, living room furnishings should be kept in the living room, bedding items in the bedroom, etc., and place your valuables in a secure area, perhaps hire a security guard to prevent theft.

Avert Theft

Consider hiring a security crew to keep your valuables safe, or perhaps hire a bunch of bouncers, so potential thieves know not to mess with your items.

Keeping The Customers In Line

Form a line of customers outside the house before the sale. Once inside, restrict the number of persons allowed in at a time. This promotes order and prevents theft and other disruption.

Services For Estate Sale

Contact Jedi Junk Removal & Demolition for assistance with unsold things. Set up a pickup for your estate sale by calling 805-367-3092.


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