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Mattress Recycling: What You Should Know

The Significance Of Reusing Old Mattresses

In a landfill, old mattresses decompose. In addition, most mattress materials leak poisons into the air and water, creating a significant risk to human health and the environment as they are made up of such materials to maintain the quality of the mattress. So instead of tossing away their old mattresses, it’s best for everyone that they be recycled.

Here is exactly what you need to know about mattress recycling:

Mattress Recycling

  • All mattresses contain some inorganic substance. Organic materials (wood and cotton textiles) naturally degrade. In addition, synthetic and metal components take up valuable landfill space and degrade slowly

  • When old mattresses degrade, they release harmful chemicals into the soil and air. This pollutes groundwater and emits methane and carbon dioxide. In addition to causing climate change, these gases also cause global warming

  • California, Connecticut, and Rhode Island are the first to require mattress recycling

  • Mattresses block incinerators and compressors due to their hefty size

  • A typical mattress can last up to ten years

  • 80% to 100% of the average mattress can be dismantled and recycled. These materials are repurposed. Cushions are made of foam, cloth, and plastic. Fabrics are recycled into industrial oil filters. Metal springs and frames are melted down to make new items. Wood may be burned or chipped into mulch

Donate it

Recycling items you no longer need should always be one’s top priority, and in cases where you can not figure out how to recycle, donating is the next best option you should always have in mind.

Let Jedi Junk Removal Take Care Of It

As you can understand now, it is very important to recycle your mattress rather than throwing it away in a landfill as junk. But you don’t need to stress about the process, simply contact the dedicated and efficient working team at Jedi Junk Removal & Demolition to have your old mattress hauled away to be properly recycled. You can reach us at 805-367-3092, so call today to schedule a pickup.


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