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What To Do With Your Old Mattress?

Are you done with dealing with your old mattress and looking for an easy and efficient way to get rid of your mattress? Well, this read will let you know how you can make the process of dealing with your old mattress easier on yourself.

Don’t throw it in the trash.

Disposal of your mattress is not as easy as just putting it out with the trash to be taken by the garbage truck. Waste management will not carry your mattress out for you for free. You’ll have to take the mattress out directly to the disposal area, or you can call the waste disposal management beforehand and let the management know of the junk that you want to be removed, and don’t forget that this will service will cost you.

Professional Cleaning

If you want to get rid of your mattress because you think it is in bad condition because it isn’t as appealing to look at, then get it cleaned first. There is a high chance that you don’t want to keep it around just because it smells funky. Instead, you can get your mattress professionally deep cleaned and get it fluffed for it to be back in good condition. Sometimes little fixes can save you from empty pockets.

Recycle your mattress

There is a good percentage of chance that you can recycle most material out of your mattress. So instead of throwing it out in the trash, look for the closest recycling facility and drop it off there. It’s a bit of a hustle, but it also means that you will be doing your part in keeping your methods environmentally friendly.


If your mattress is in a suitable condition and can still be used comfortably, then put in a little effort and deliver it to a shelter home nearby where your donation will be appreciated, and the mattress, which is better than it ending up in the trash, will be used and repurposed. But make sure before you put it to good use, you get it cleaned thoroughly as no matter how much preloved, it isn’t ethical to hand it down in bad condition.


If your mattress is in a pretty good condition and you have your eyes on a new one, you don’t have to put your old mattress to waste necessarily. Numerous mattress companies give out offers and deals where you can get your hands on a whole new mattress with just a small cost in return for your mattress. Now, who doesn’t enjoy a deal like that? It will save you some hard-earned money, and you won’t even have to spend any time without a mattress as it is a quick process and can be carried out whenever you deem it fit in your schedule.

Jedi Junk Removal to the rescue

If dealing with your mattress sounds a little bit too much for you, or if you just don’t have time to deal with it, then your solution is Jedi Junk Removal. They’ll come and get your mattress off your hands for good.


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